Yokote / 2016

This is the overview page where you can see the state of open data across each key dataset.

Dataset Score Breakdown Last Updated Location (URL) Information
Annual Budget   100%
http://www.city.yokote.lg.jp/zaisei/sam1page000018.html Closed
Transport Timetables   75%
http://linkdata.org/work/rdf1s1080i Closed
Real-Time Transit   - Closed
Expenditure (detailed)   - Closed
Election results   - Closed
Air Quality   - Closed
Public Facilities   - Closed
Crime statistics   - Closed
Procurement contracts   - Closed
Food safety inspections   - Closed
Traffic accidents   - Closed
Building permits   - Closed
Service Requests   - Closed
Business Permits   - Closed
Business Listings   - Closed
  • Yes
  • No
  • Unsure
  • No data


Reviewers for Yokote:

Satoshi IIDA

With submissions from:

Satoshi IIDA